Monday, March 28, 2011

I'll show you mine if you show me yours

More or less when you hit a certain age, one feels it necessary to create a fictional "bucket list."  I haven't figured it out if its to make one feel better, or to scare the shit out of you even more considering this list usually means you are near death very, very, soon.  Regardless, I decided to 'make' a bucket list.  I scratched down a few things I'd like to do before I die while watching "I Survived" last night (fitting).  When i reread my list, it turned more into a "things I'd change about America" more than things I want to do.  Anyway, I'm still going to roll with it:

-travel the world in entirety (or better yet, afford to)

-be able to drink all the red wine i want without having purp mouth

- be ambidextrous

-to have really gotten the chance to playfully assault Mike Ness that one time I decided to jump on stage after a show to "catch him" (long story).

-speak Italian

-understand Spanish.


-to meet Uncle Jack

-just adopted a kitten already, so I could name him Lloyd Banks

-had no problem openly blasting Metallica on my 7am commute to work, instead of shying away and lowering the volume when stopped in traffic

-could tell you what i really think about you.  yes, you.

-finally understand why asians take so many pictures

-didn't rely so much on technology.  especially for keeping in touch.

-write off anyone i know who uses "LOL."  ew.

-overcome my shallowness when it comes to those who insist on wearing running shoes in everyday attire.  if you're not going for a run- PUT AWAY THE NIKES.

-realized the truth that I am just too selfish for children.  and unfortunately the thought of stretch marks is frightening.

-wonders why jeopardy hasn't updated their look yet??

-could stop obsessing over my teeth.

-had a pet owl.

-wishes that every seat on an airplane could be a window seat.

-wishes everyone could wash their hands in the bathroom

-if you really could find "true love" in a crowded bar.  yeah ok

-and finally, a small list of things i want to go away: rosie odonnel, crocs, people who think its okay to consistently do the "kissy" face in pictures, those who wear eyeshadow to match their outfits, celebrity weddings, my gray hair(s), parents who name their children seasons and/or foods, tax on clothings, and mariah carey.

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