Thursday, March 31, 2011

my thoughts on the world part deux.

i really can't and won't accept people who still think a thumbs up is acceptable.  for anything. i also don't trust those who repeatidly swear by camus, wilde, salinger, orwell, etc.  come up with your own shit already. i'm still trying to figure out why the first question we ask our girlfriends about a potential new manfriend is "what does he do?" so shallow, yet, its usually the first question i ask.  i'm completely over the whole "taking a picture of yourself why looking in the mirror but not- with my iphone."  wait, is that my profile picture on facebook?  oh, and stop with the "i know LA or NYC like the back of my hand" who the hell wants to admit that they know a whole city like the back of their hand? maybe take up knitting.  as if you didn't know- any guy that takes longer to get ready than you do is gay. valium makes the world go 'round.  it'd be great if people would stop acting as if i am trying to recreate WWI when i light up a cigarette.  i get it, nooone likes the smell if they arent a smoker.  however, move the f away from me if it bothers you so much.  i'd like to smack every person that wants to start a social networking war, i don't even care if it doesn't involve me- it's stupid if you are trying to fight via a keyboard.  everyone is a little label whore so don't try and deny it, and most people who have tattoos don't REALLY have a meaning behind them so don't bother asking.  Noone likes seeing "K" back as a response, therefor, if you see that- it means that person doesn't like you.  My favorite sports teams are based off what the players look like.  right now, i admire the miami heat for dwayne wayde.  if he relocates, so will my favorite basketball team. 
ps- team big.

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