Friday, April 15, 2011

Don't tell me Gail Weathers dies this time around.

 This post is unimportant and only inspired by Scream 2 which I am currently watching.  My excitement for Scream 4 to come out is disgusting.  How lame am I?  Honestly, I am not even one for movies themselves.  Even saying that- a huge amount of guilt overrides me considering my boyfriend's career is solely based around the entertainment business.  Granted, he knew going into it what he was in store for, yet I still can't get over my hatred for movies and/or my guilty conscience on how unamused I am when he comes back from work.  I cannot stand movie theaters in general, and in the same respect I'd like to meet someone who actually enjoys watching a movie in a complex full of strangers in uncomfortable seats while sipping on overpriced bottled water.  I've never been a girl who could just browse OnDemand and watch a movie I am 'semi-interested' in for that exact minute.  Some people are shoe snobs, car snobs, beer snobs- I'm a movie snob.  I will not partake in a cinematic adventure unless I am extremely interested in where this adventure takes me.  The BF believes it is because I hate to see things end, and that's why I can only watch TV shows or documentaries.  To me, that is utterly sad and embarrassing, so instead I like to believe that my TV shows teach me something I can use in everyday life, in 3/4 of the time than a movie would. For instance, today I learned how to survive in the desert (Man vs. Wild), how Bruce Lee changed the world (History Channel), and saw the video of when Brooke Mueller freaked the F out in an Inglewood Pawn Shop yesterday. 

Point Proven.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Straight or curly?

Sadly enough, that question, or usually something just as frivolous, crosses my mind each waking day.  Unfortunately, it's also life threatening dilemmas like "would I be on Team Big or Team Aidan? " OR "I can't bear the thought of wearing a Team Big tee without feeling like I am indirectly cheating on Aidan."  Or worse, I fall into the statistic of more than half of the women in America: OF COURSE I would side with the arrogant womanizer over the charming, all American boy.

My point being- did I get dumb?  Since when did I find the thought of picking out my nail polish color for the week so gut wrenching and anxiety filling yet somehow I finding it perfectly A-OK to max out credit cards, spend my last 5 dollars until payday on an overpriced latte, or better yet, not worry about driving to and fro work in rush hour traffic on brake pads that should have been replaced 2 years ago.

Long story short, I'm hoping I am just experiencing a midlife crisis and these shallow, meaningless thoughts shall soon pass.  There are more important things to worry about; i.e.- Who thought it was okay to charge $4.50 for a bottle of "Extra Dry" Andre when last year you could easily get 2 for a  $5 spot.

Then again, I do live in LA.