Friday, April 15, 2011

Don't tell me Gail Weathers dies this time around.

 This post is unimportant and only inspired by Scream 2 which I am currently watching.  My excitement for Scream 4 to come out is disgusting.  How lame am I?  Honestly, I am not even one for movies themselves.  Even saying that- a huge amount of guilt overrides me considering my boyfriend's career is solely based around the entertainment business.  Granted, he knew going into it what he was in store for, yet I still can't get over my hatred for movies and/or my guilty conscience on how unamused I am when he comes back from work.  I cannot stand movie theaters in general, and in the same respect I'd like to meet someone who actually enjoys watching a movie in a complex full of strangers in uncomfortable seats while sipping on overpriced bottled water.  I've never been a girl who could just browse OnDemand and watch a movie I am 'semi-interested' in for that exact minute.  Some people are shoe snobs, car snobs, beer snobs- I'm a movie snob.  I will not partake in a cinematic adventure unless I am extremely interested in where this adventure takes me.  The BF believes it is because I hate to see things end, and that's why I can only watch TV shows or documentaries.  To me, that is utterly sad and embarrassing, so instead I like to believe that my TV shows teach me something I can use in everyday life, in 3/4 of the time than a movie would. For instance, today I learned how to survive in the desert (Man vs. Wild), how Bruce Lee changed the world (History Channel), and saw the video of when Brooke Mueller freaked the F out in an Inglewood Pawn Shop yesterday. 

Point Proven.

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