Thursday, April 7, 2011

Straight or curly?

Sadly enough, that question, or usually something just as frivolous, crosses my mind each waking day.  Unfortunately, it's also life threatening dilemmas like "would I be on Team Big or Team Aidan? " OR "I can't bear the thought of wearing a Team Big tee without feeling like I am indirectly cheating on Aidan."  Or worse, I fall into the statistic of more than half of the women in America: OF COURSE I would side with the arrogant womanizer over the charming, all American boy.

My point being- did I get dumb?  Since when did I find the thought of picking out my nail polish color for the week so gut wrenching and anxiety filling yet somehow I finding it perfectly A-OK to max out credit cards, spend my last 5 dollars until payday on an overpriced latte, or better yet, not worry about driving to and fro work in rush hour traffic on brake pads that should have been replaced 2 years ago.

Long story short, I'm hoping I am just experiencing a midlife crisis and these shallow, meaningless thoughts shall soon pass.  There are more important things to worry about; i.e.- Who thought it was okay to charge $4.50 for a bottle of "Extra Dry" Andre when last year you could easily get 2 for a  $5 spot.

Then again, I do live in LA.

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